1. The default IP address of MobiGATE is
  2. Configure your PC/Laptop to be on the same LAN:-
  3. Open web browser in your laptop, and type "".
  4. If you are using Windows 7 and above, and you have problem, then goto "Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> LAN"
  5. Your web browser will show a main menu:-
  6. Change the IP address of MobiGATE from to the one that matches your existing LAN, e.g.
  7. The following steps assume that the same IP address "" will be used.
  8. Run the installer "vcomsetup4.5.2.exe" to install "VCOM" which is a COM port mapping software.
  9. During the installation, if you encounter "This program has compatibility issues", then click "Run the program without getting help".
  10. Launch the "VCOM"
  11. Goto "COM Mapping", click "Add" and enter these values:-
  12. Repeat the above step until all the 8 modems are added and mapped according to the table and figure below:-
  13. To test the connection, use "Hyper Terminal":-