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176 - - Do you have SMS API user guide? Yes, please refer to the manual at
177 - - If we have problem on your API, do you provide support? refer to Sales FAQ, id= 47
178 - - Any hidden cost or other cost? Price quoted is for hardware only. If you need additional services such as on-site support, telephone support, training, etc. please let us know.
179 - - Can you recommend me a GSM Modem with the following features: a. Sending SMS up to 150 per day b. Ability to send SMS and Receive SMS c. Ability to put in SIM card for Celcom, Digi or Maxis d. USB Port to the Server e. For the above requirement, can we use GSM/GPRS Modem - Q24 (new product, replaces Wavecom Fastrack M1306B and iTegno 3000)? We recommend Wavecome S10-SGDK17.
180 9/5/2008 sms engine Is SMS Engine - Basic Edition customizable? The database (SMSEngine.mdb) -- yes, provided that you do not modify the schema or structure of existing tables in the database. The programme (SMSEngine.exe) -- NO.
181 9/15/2008 sms gateway Does Mobitek own a sms gateway that we can utilise? No, we do not own any SMS gateway. We sell GSM modem that comes with SMS Gateway Development Kit to software developer. Software developer will build the SMS Gateway and owns the gateway.
182 11/26/2008 - Does MOBITEK provide "short code" service? No.
184 - - Does GSM modem have back-up battery? No.
185 - - Does GSM modem have back-up battery? A: No. But you can connect a GSM modem to a UPS (e.g. APC, KOSS).
186 - - What is the GPRS class of Q24 modem? Both Q24 serial and USB modems' GPRS class is 10.
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