SendSMSUnicode(strMobileNumber As String, strMessage As String) As Boolean

To send unicode SMS, e.g. Chinese characters

·    strMobileNumber: mobile / hand phone number of recipient
·    strMessage: unicode message in hexadecimal format; maximum length of hexadecimal character is 140 (70 unicode characters x 2)

Return Value
TRUE if SMS is successfully sent, else FALSE

To send a character "á", first you need to convert the unicode character into hexadecimal format, then call this function:
·    SendSMSUnicode("+60123331111", "00E0")         <-- CORRECT; on how to convert "á" to "00E0", please refer to the sample code.
·    SendSMSUnicode("+0123331111", "á")                  <-- WRONG

1.  When "SendSMSUnicode() = True", then retrieve value from the following property:
MR - Message Reference Number
2.  MR is automatically generated by SMSC (SMS Centre) upon successfully calling the SendSMS() method.
3.  Use this number to match with property DRMsgRef- number from the delivery status report
4.  The MR has a range of 0 to 255. And it is incremental. Once the number reaches 255, it will start from 0 and increased by 1 for each SMS successfully sent
5.  No need to retrieve MR if "SendSMS() = False".
6.  This method neither concatenates nor joins SMS that is longer than 70 unicode characters.
7.  You must call the DeliveryReportOn() method first before sending out SMS, in order to receive delivery status report.