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SMS Gateway Development Kit

Our vision is to make machines and systems talk. By using MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit, software developers and system integrators are able to build their own SMS Gateway, SMS application, SMS solution, to integrate SMS into business systems. More information ...

Free* MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit when MOBITEK Q24 SMS Modem is purchased from us.
(* free from any registration, licensing, royalty or deployment fees; it may be deployed freely for use with any third-party software, whether commercial or not)

MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit  contains:

  1. API Type: COM/ActiveX
  2. SMS API for Java
  3. API Type: Database
  4. API Type: Command Line Interface version 5
  5. API Type: e-mail
  6. API for Multiple GSM Modems
  7. Software

To find out which development kit is suitable for you, please refer to our language matrix.

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