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A SMS gateway is a telecommunications network facility or hardware for sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunication network that supports SMS.

4 port modem is a modem that supports 4 SIM cards.

MobiGATETM allows you to send bulk SMS in Malaysia (MNP) & worldwide. You do not need to purchase any credit from us in order to send SMS . Just insert any SIM cards to send out SMS.

You do not need obtain any license with MCMC (SKMM) to use MobiGATETM.

MobiGATETM is more than just a SMS gateway and 4 port modem. MobiGATETM has these additional features and benefits:-

  1. allows your system (ERP, CRM, SCM) and software application (mobile commerce, e-commerce) to send and receive SMS;
  2. you own the SMS gateway without any connection to 3rd party gateway;
  3. start your own business as bulk SMS provider;
  4. most reliable SMS gateway that is widely used in Malaysia, Philippines and Nigeria;
  5. reputable SMS gateway that is featured in Matrade's Magazine:-
  6. cost effective: there is no monthly charge
  7. broadcasting: all channels simultaneously sending out SMS;
  8. routing: use the lowest SMS rate to send out SMS;
  9. load balancing: speed-up the broadcast as work load is shared by all channels;
  10. fail-over: when 1st channel fails, 2nd channel will be used to send out SMS; reduce broadcast failure;
  11. data security: all messeanges and mobile numbers are stored in your local database and not with any 3rd party SMS gateway service provider.


Software application commuicates with MobiGATE via SQL statement
To send SMS:
Insert into Outbox (msg_id, message, destination) values ('1', 'Hello!', '+60172233111')

To read SMS:
Select * from Inbox where read_status = 'N'

For more information, please refer to corporate blog on SMS Gateway.

To order, please contact us.