Push e-Mail (FreePOP edition)


Push e-Mail solution is a useful tool in business. When you are out of your office or on the road, and you have no access to your PC to check your e-mails, Push e-mail solution can deliver e-mails to your mobile phone.

However, to implement Push e-Mail solution, you need to fork-out a large sum of money to invest in BlackBerry Enterprise Server or Microsoft Exchange Server as well as compatible handsets such as BlackBerry or Windows Mobile smart-phone.

Good news is Push e-Mail (FreePOP Edition) is a low cost alternative. Push e-Mail (FreePOP Edition) will connect to an e-mail account (POP3), check for e-mails and push the e-mail to recipient's mobile phone via SMS. It works with any mobile phones.

Push e-Mail (FreePOP Edition) is FREE when GSM modem is purchased from us!

Push e-Mail's source code is provided and opened! You can freely modified it.

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