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Introduction to GSM Modem

A GSM Modem is a telecommunication device, a wireless modem, that uses GSM wireless network. GSM Modem comes in various interfaces, such as PCMCIA Type II, USB, and Serial.

GSM Modem is similar with a 56k dial-up modem (using telephone line), that it transmits and receives data, or voice. However the main difference is that GSM Modem is wireless, while dial-up modem is wired.

Some GSM Modems also has GPRS feature that allows tramission of data over TCP/IP (internet).

To transmit data using GSM Modem, there are various methods that can be used, such as:

  • SMS
  • CSD or HSCSD
  • GPRS

Even though a normal mobile phone can be used as GSM Modem, it is higly recommended that a special industrial grade terminal to be used as a GSM Modem due to its stabilty, and reliability.

A GSM Modem can be used to built the following application:

  • SMS Gateway ie. to send and receive SMS
  • telemetric ie. to collect data from remote terminals
  • call-back service for VOIP
  • SMS application, SMS solution, or SMS programme
  • automatic reloading of pre-paid account with STK API
  • machine to machine communication
  • sending SMS from PC
  • automating business process
  • vehicle tracking with cell broadcast feature or with integrated GPS terminal

We distribute the following brands of GSM Modem:


Q1: What is a Gsm Modem?

Answer: A Gsm Modem is a wireless modem that works with a Gsm wireless network.

Q2: Does Q24 Gsm Modem support AT Command?

Answer: yes.

Q3:What is the different between Gsm Modem and Gsm Module?

Answer: Gsm Module is the chipset inside the Gsm Modem.

Q4: Can we send bulk sms using Gsm Modem?

Answer: Yes, you have 2 options:-
1. set-up a SMS Gateway with multiple GSM Modems connected to a server.
2. set up a SMS Gateway with MobiGATE-SG4 or MobiGATE-SG8.

Q5: What type of SIM card can be used with your GSM modems?

Answer: All GSM Modems support all type of SIM cards - prepaid or postpaid. However, please avoid using 3G SIM card or 128k SIM card. As it has compatibility problem with Wavecom GSM modems. If you have no choice and must use 128k SIM card, then DO NOT activate 3G service.

FAQ is last updated on 30th of April, 2013.

We are able to deliver GSM Modem to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Europe, Africa. Our GSM Modem comes with SMS Gateway Development Kit, and SMS API to build SMS gateway, SMS software, SMS application, and SMS solution.

To order or to get a price list of GSM modems that we offer, please write to us orcontact us to find out more.

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