GPS Tracker for Vechile Tracking - Intellitrac X1

IntelliTrac X1 is a GPS Tracker (with GSM) that can be used for:

            1. Vehicle Location Monitoring or Vehicle Tracking
            2. Vehicle security Management
            3. Fleet Management
            4. Location Based service 

IntelliTrac X1 can log the GPS data in the terminal's memory, or send the GPS data back to the control station via SMS.

If there is no GSM coverage, the GPS data will be stored in the terminal's memory. And send out all the logged data plus current data when there is GSM coverage.

SMS Format

The format of the SMS send by X1 is --
Unit ID, DateTime, Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Heading, Altitude, Satellite, Report ID, Inputs, Outputs

  1. Unit ID: The ID of the GPS Terminal
  2. DateTime: YYYYMMDDhhmmss (GMT Date and Time)
  3. Longitude: WGS-84 Longitude/Latitude coordinate system
  4. Latitude: WGS-84 Longitude/Latitude coordinate system
  5. Speed: 0~65535 km/h
  6. Heading: 0~360 degrees
  7. Altitude: Always 0
  8. Satellite: 0~12 (number of satellite used for obtaining the reading)
  9. Report ID: the status of the GPS terminal
  10. Inputs: the on/off status of input
  11. Outputs: the on/off status of output

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